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49-493. Decisions on petitions for conditional order; terms and conditions

A. Within thirty days after the conclusion of the hearing held pursuant to section 49-492, subsection B, or, if no hearing is held, within sixty days after the filing of the petition, the control officer shall deny the petition or grant the petition on such terms and conditions as the director deems appropriate.

B. The terms and conditions which are imposed as a condition to the granting or the continued existence of a conditional order shall include but not be limited to:

1. A detailed plan for completion of corrective steps needed to conform to the provisions of this article, the rules adopted pursuant to this article, and the requirements of the permit issued pursuant to this article.

2. A requirement that necessary construction shall begin as expeditiously as practicable.

3. Such written reports as may be required.

4. The right to make periodic inspection of the facilities for which the conditional order is granted.

C. A reasonable fee as may be prescribed by the control officer shall be deposited in the special public health fund.