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6-908. Testing committee; testing of applicants; approval by superintendent; definition

A. The superintendent shall establish a testing committee to create, periodically update and establish standards for passing a test for mortgage brokers. The committee shall consist of five members appointed by the superintendent once every two years. Four of the members shall be licensees appointed from nominations submitted by licensees and one of the members shall be an employee of the department. Licensees who serve as members of the committee shall serve without expense to this state. The test is subject to the approval of the superintendent.

B. Each applicant for an original license, before issuance of the license, shall personally take and pass the written test given under the supervision of the department. The test must reasonably examine the applicant's knowledge of:

1. The obligations between principal and agent, the applicable canons of business ethics, the provisions of this article and the rules adopted under this article.

2. The arithmetical computations common to mortgage brokerage.

3. The principles of real estate lending.

4. The general purposes and legal effect of mortgages, deeds of trust and security agreements.

C. The department shall administer the test to applicants for licenses not less than once every six months. The department shall reasonably prescribe the time, place and conduct of testing and collect a fee for administration of the test to be assessed to all persons taking the test. The fee is fifty dollars per testing. An applicant may not take the test more than two times within a twelve month period.

D. All tests shall be given, conducted and graded in a fair and impartial manner and without unfair discrimination between individuals tested. The committee shall inform the applicant of the result of the test within thirty days.

E. For testing purposes the department shall prepare a handbook for mortgage brokers and distribute it to all applicants for a fee of not to exceed the actual cost of producing and distributing the handbook.

F. For the purposes of this section "applicant" means a person who has submitted a completed application in the form prescribed by law, accompanied by a letter of inquiry to a surety company authorized to do business in this state regarding the procurement of a bond pursuant to section 6-903, to be issued upon completion of all requirements for the granting of a license.