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9-222. Clerk; salary; duties

A. The board shall appoint from the electors of the city or town a clerk of the board. The clerk shall receive an annual salary not exceeding five hundred dollars, to be fixed by the board at the time of his appointment, which shall not be increased during the year next following his appointment. All money collected by him shall be paid at the close of each calendar month into the treasury of the corporation with a statement verified by his oath.

B. The clerk shall:

1. Keep a record of all the proceedings of the board of trustees and of the several boards of which he may be made the clerk by the order of the board of trustees.

2. Keep and preserve all books and papers pertaining to the board.

3. File and record in his office oaths of office and bonds given by the officers of the city or town.

4. Draw warrants on the treasurer, which shall be signed by the president of the board and countersigned by himself.

5. Submit to the board a written financial statement, correctly showing the affairs of the corporation at their first regular meeting in July and January of each year, which, upon proper authentication by the board, shall be published or posted as the board may direct.

6. Perform such other service as may be required of him by the board of trustees or imposed by law.