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9-223. Marshal; deputies; oath; bond; compensation; duties

A. The board of trustees shall appoint from the electors of the corporation a marshal who shall hold his office during the pleasure of the board. He shall take an oath of office and execute a bond to the state for the use and benefit of the corporation, with such conditions and in such sum, and with such sureties, to be approved by the board, as the board may direct.

B. The marshal shall be chief of police of the corporation. He may appoint such number of deputy marshals, not exceeding two, as may be ordered by the board, whose appointment shall be approved by the board, except for special temporary service, when the number may be increased by order and direction of the board. The order shall define the duties and fix the compensation of the temporary deputies.

C. The deputy marshals shall take the oath and execute the bond as required of the marshal, except the temporary deputies who may, in the discretion of the board, act without bond.

D. The compensation of the marshal shall not exceed one hundred dollars per month for all services as marshal and street commissioner. The compensation of the deputy and temporary marshals shall not exceed seventy-five dollars per month, to be fixed at the time of appointment.

E. The marshal or either of his regular deputies shall execute all process in behalf of the corporation and do and perform all service required by the board.

F. In case of riot or extraordinary emergency the marshal may exercise the same power and authority within the corporate limits of a city or town as is given to sheriffs by general law.

G. The marshal shall be ex officio street commissioner, and as such shall perform such service and duty as may be imposed upon him by resolution or ordinance of the board.