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9-271. Procedure for change; city officers

A. When a town has acquired a population of three thousand or over and the council shall by resolution so declare, the town may by majority vote of the qualified electors voting thereon assume a city organization having and exercising all rights, powers, authority, duties and privileges of a city under such name as the council may designate.

B. Upon making the change from a town to a city organization the officers of the city shall consist of:

l. Seven councilmen elected at large by the qualified electors residing in the city at the regular election which would have been held had the change not been made.

2. A mayor elected by and from among the members of the council.

3. The following officers appointed by the mayor and city council:

(a) A city clerk and ex officio treasurer.

(b) A city attorney.

(c) A city marshal or chief of police.

(d) A city physician.

(e) A city engineer.

(f) When provided by ordinance, a city health or sanitary officer, a superintendent of streets, a fire chief and such other officers as the council deems necessary.

C. The same person may hold two or more of the appointive offices enumerated in paragraph 3 of subsection B.

D. Pending the holding of the first regular election after the change, the officers of the municipality and their terms of office shall continue as though the change from town to city government had not been made.