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9-496. Expenditures in federal areas

A. A city or town may expend public money in any area federally owned or controlled if it is determined by the governing body of the city or town that such expenditure is necessary for the health or safety of such city or town.

B. Before entering upon any expenditure in the area as provided in subsection A, a written agreement permitting the city or town to make the improvements or construct the works deemed necessary for the health or safety of the city or town shall be obtained by the city or town from the federal agency having legal control or ownership of the property upon which the improvement or works is to be made.

C. This section shall not be deemed to repeal or amend any existing law, the provisions of section 1-245 notwithstanding, nor shall this section or the application thereof be deemed to amend or repeal the general powers conferred by law upon cities and towns, but shall be in addition thereto.