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SECTION 7080.5-7084

7080.5.  When an application has been accepted by the registrar, the
name and address of the applicant, every classification for which
the applicant has applied, and the names and titles of all personnel
who have signed the application shall be publicly posted by the
registrar, on the day following acceptance, in the office of the
Contractors' State License Board in Sacramento.

7081.  Whenever funds are available for the purpose, the registrar
shall publish a list of the names and addresses of contractors,
registered under this chapter and of the licenses issued, suspended
or revoked, and such further information with respect to this chapter
and its administration as he deems proper.
   He may furnish the lists to such public works and building
departments, public officials or public bodies, and other persons
interested in or allied with the building and construction industry
in this or any other State as he deems advisable and, at such
intervals as he deems necessary whenever funds are available.
   Copies of the lists may also be furnished by the registrar upon
request to any firm or individual upon payment of a reasonable fee
fixed by the registrar.

7082.  Whenever funds are available for the purpose, the registrar
may publish and disseminate to licentiates of the board, and public
officials or other persons interested in or allied with the building
and construction industry, such information with relation to the
administration and enforcement of this chapter as he deems necessary
to carry out its purposes.

7083.  All licensees shall notify the registrar, on a form
prescribed by the registrar, in writing within 90 days of any change
to information recorded under this chapter. This notification
requirement shall include, but not be limited to, changes in business
address, personnel, business name, qualifying individual bond
exemption pursuant to Section 7071.9, or exemption to qualify
multiple licenses pursuant to Section 7068.1.
   Failure of the licensee to notify the registrar of any change to
information within 90 days shall cause the change to be effective the
date the written notification is received at the board's
headquarters office.
   Failure to notify the registrar of the changes within the 90 days
is grounds for disciplinary action.

7083.1.  A licensee whose license is expired or suspended, and is
renewable under Section 7141, or whose license is canceled, shall
notify the registrar in writing of a change of address of record
within 90 days, and shall maintain a current address of record during
the five-year period immediately following the expiration or
cancellation of the license.

7084.  The registrar, with the approval of the director may adopt
and promulgate the rules and regulations he deems necessary to carry
out the provisions of this article.