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SECTION 59200-59205

59200.  There are three diagnostic centers, to be known and
designated as Diagnostic Center, Northern California, Diagnostic
Center, Central California, and Diagnostic Center, Southern

59201.  The diagnostic centers are a part of the public school
system of the state, except that they derive no revenue from the
State School Fund. The diagnostic centers provide services, including
pupil assessment, consultation, technical assistance, and training,
to school districts, county offices of education, and special
education local plan areas.

59202.  The centers are under the administration of the
Superintendent of Public Instruction.

59203.  The Superintendent of Public Instruction, in relation to the
diagnostic centers, shall do all of the following:
   (a) Prescribe rules for the government of the centers.
   (b) Appoint the directors of the centers and other officers and
   (c) Remove for cause any officer, teacher, or employee.

59204.5.  The Superintendent of Public Instruction, in connection
with the diagnostic centers and in cooperation with public and
private agencies, may:
   (a) Conduct projects designed to meet needs of those categories of
disabled children selected by the Superintendent of Public
   (b) Serve as a demonstration program to promote personnel
development through in-service education, internships, and
professional observations for education personnel, in cooperation
with institutions of higher education and local education agencies.

59205.  (a) The Department of Personnel Administration shall
consider making salaries for teachers, specialists, and
administrators of the Diagnostic Center, Southern California, the
Diagnostic Center, Central California, and the Diagnostic Center,
Northern California, competitive with the salaries of similarly
qualified school teachers, specialists, and administrators who are
employed by the encompassing school districts.
   (b) For purposes of this section, "teachers," "teacher
specialists," and "administrators" mean those individuals who hold
the appropriate teaching, service, or teaching and administrative
credential, as appropriate, as issued by the Commission on Teacher
Credentialing, as determined by the employing state agency.