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SECTION 66080-66083

66080.  This article shall be known, and may be cited, as the
"English Proficiency in Higher Education Act."

66081.  "Instructional faculty," for purposes of this article, means
every member of an institution of public higher education, other
than visiting faculty, but including graduate teaching assistants,
who teach one or more undergraduate credit courses at a campus of
that institution within this state except courses that are designed
to be taught predominantly in a foreign language, and elective,
special arrangement courses, such as individualized instruction and
independent study courses.

66082.  (a) Each institution of public higher education shall
evaluate its instructional faculty for oral and written proficiency
in the English language in the classroom. In an institution where a
majority of the students speak English, if a member of the
instructional faculty is unable to demonstrate proficiency in oral or
written communication, he or she shall be required to improve oral
and written communication skills through courses, workshops, or
programs specifically designed for this purpose.
   (b) Each institution shall determine its own method or process of
evaluating the language proficiency of its faculty.

66083.  This article does not apply to the California Community