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SECTION 81420-81423

81420.  A community college district may enter into a lease or
agreement with a city, county, or city and county for the joint
occupancy, or a private education institution for its sole occupancy,
of the real property and buildings of the district, in accordance
with the provisions of this article.

81421.  As used in this article, "building" includes onsite and
offsite facilities, utilities and improvements which as agreed upon
by the parties are appropriate for the proper operation or function
of the building to be jointly occupied and used. It also includes the
permanent improvement of school grounds.

81422.  Prior to entering into a lease or agreement pursuant to this
article, the community college district governing board shall
determine that the proposed joint occupancy and use of district
property or buildings will not interfere with the educational program
or activities of any school or class conducted upon the real
property or in any such building.

81423.  No such lease or agreement shall exceed a term of five
years, but may be renewed on the same or different conditions at the
end of such term.