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SECTION 48225-48231

48225.  At the time and place mentioned in the notice of filing of
the inclusion petition, or at such other time or times to which the
hearing of the inclusion petition may be adjourned, the board shall
proceed to hear the petition and all the objections thereto presented
in writing by any person showing cause why the proposed change of
the boundaries of the district should not be made.

48226.  The failure of any interested person to show cause in
writing as provided in this article shall be an assent on his part to
a change of the boundaries of the district as prayed for in the
petition, or to any such change thereof as will include a part of the

48227.  The board shall order the boundaries of the district changed
so as to include the land described in the inclusion petition, or
such portion thereof as the board has found it feasible to serve by
the system of works of the district and for the best interests of the
district to include, only if:
   (a) No protest against such change is made to the board in writing
by the board, or a protest has been made and withdrawn.
   (b) No protest against such change is made by holders of title to
land pursuant to Section 48250, or such protest has been made and
enough signatures withdrawn to render it insufficient.

48228.  The order of the board shall describe the boundaries as
changed, and shall also describe the entire boundaries of the
district as they will be after the change is made; and for that
purpose the board may cause a survey to be made of such portions of
the boundaries as it deems necessary.

48229.  A certified copy of the inclusion order shall be recorded in
the office of the county recorder of each county in which land to be
included is situated. Thereupon the land becomes a part of the

48230.  If the board determines that it is not feasible and
practicable to serve any of the land described in the petition or
that it is not for the best interest of the district that any of the
land be included, it shall make an order denying the petition.

48231.  No inclusion of land into any district impairs its
existence, its rights, including those in or to property, or its