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SECTION 50650-50660

50650.  The board is the governing body of the district.

50651.  The powers of the district enumerated in this division
shall, except as therein otherwise provided, be exercised by the

50652.  The board shall exercise general supervision and complete
control over the construction, maintenance and operation of the
reclamation works, and generally over the affairs of the district.

50653.  The board shall receive from the reclamation board any money
allowed on account of uncollected assessments previously levied on
lands purchased by the board for rights of way, and shall distribute
the money among the landowners of the district in proportion to their
payments on the last assessment roll or place the money in the
county treasury to the credit of the district.

50654.  The board, pursuant to an order entered in its minutes, may
distribute, among the landowners of the district, any surplus funds
in the treasury belonging to the district not needed for reclamation
purposes, in the proportion that the landowners were assessed on the
last assessment made by the district and which assessment produced
such surplus money by collections thereon or by rental or sale of
delinquent land thereunder.

50655.  The board may adopt and alter a seal.

50656.  All documents requiring approval by the board shall bear the
signature of either a trustee or the secretary.

50657.  The board may create a revolving fund by an order entered in
its minutes and shall file a copy of the order, certified by the
president, with the county treasurer.

50658.  No warrant for the creation or replenishment of a revolving
fund shall be paid by the county treasurer unless the order creating
the revolving fund includes the assumption by the district of the
responsibility for the disbursement of the fund and contains an
agreement to hold and save the county treasurer harmless from any
improper disbursement of the fund.

50659.  A revolving fund shall be disbursed only by checks or
drafts, signed by at least two members of the board, or by some
person who is authorized to do so by unanimous vote of the board. No
person shall be so authorized until the person has filed with the
board a bond in the amount required by the board and in no event less
than double the amount of the fund. The bond shall be conditioned as
security for the safety and proper disbursements of the fund.

50660.  The county treasurer shall be deemed the ex officio
treasurer of the district unless the board, by resolution, and with
the written consent of the county treasurer, appoints a district
treasurer. If the resolution is adopted and a district treasurer is
appointed, all references to a county treasurer or county treasury
within this division shall be deemed to apply to the treasurer
appointed by the board and the treasury of the district, and no
further consent of the county treasurer will be required. The person
so appointed shall file a bond with the board in the manner
prescribed in Section 50659.