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SECTION 51510-51522

51510.  For 30 days after the filing of the second original
assessment list in the office of the county treasurer pursuant to
Section 51254 the assessment shall not bear interest, except as
provided by Section 51511, and, if bonds have not been authorized and
sold on the basis of the assessment, any landowner may pay in lawful
money of the United States, or approved warrants of the district,
all or any part of the principal and interest of the assessment on
any parcel.

51511.  Unpaid assessments on which bonds have been issued shall
bear interest at the rate of 1 1/2 percent per month from the date of
the bonds originally issued thereon until the bonds and any
refunding bonds issued thereon are fully paid, and the interest due
at any time on the unpaid assessment may be called without calling
any installment of the assessment. The word installment as used in
this section shall be construed as applying to interest as well as
the principal as the case may be.

51512.  If a district is situated partly in different counties the
assessment shall be paid into the treasury of the county in which the
particular parcel is situated.

51513.  When the district is situated in more than one county the
county treasurers of each county wherein any of the lands assessed
are situated shall report to the county treasurer of the principal
county all payments of assessments on all parcels, whether in cash or
warrants, immediately upon such payments being made and shall effect
immediate transfer of all funds and warrants so paid to the
treasurer of the principal county.

51514.  After the period of 30 days, all unpaid original assessments
shall bear interest at the rate of 1 1/2 percent per month unless
the board, by resolution, adopts a lesser rate and files a certified
copy of the resolution with the county treasurer.

51515.  Assessments unpaid after 30 days and accrued interest
thereon shall be collected by and paid to the county treasurer of the
county wherein the parcel is situated, or the board may designate an
agent to effect such collection who shall file with the treasurer of
such county a detailed report of any and all collections thereon and
who shall deposit the money with that county treasurer to the credit
of the district.

51516.  The board shall require that an agent give a bond in the
amount it considers sufficient for the faithful performance of his

51517.  All payments on unpaid original assessments shall be made in
separate installments, of such amounts, and at such times as the
board, by order entered in its minutes, may direct.

51518.  Upon making the order the secretary shall enter in the
minutes of the board a notice in substantially the following form:
   (Name of reclamation district, location or principal place of
business.) Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of
trustees held on the (date), an installment of (amount) was ordered
paid within 60 days from date thereof to ____ at ____. Any
installment which shall remain unpaid on the (day fixed) will be
delinquent together with the accrued interest thereon.

51519.  The notice shall be personally served upon each owner of
land in the district, or in lieu of personal service, shall be mailed
to the owner at his place of residence, if known or entered upon the
assessment roll of the county, and if not known, at the place where
the principal office of the district is situated, or be published
once a week for two weeks successively in some newspaper of general
circulation devoted to the publication of general news within the
district and, if no such newspaper is published within the district,
published in a newspaper published in the county seat of the
principal county.

51520.  The county treasurer of each county wherein any of the lands
assessed are situated, shall, immediately following the expiration
of the period of 60 days from the date of the order, report to the
county treasurer of the principal county all payments of assessments
on each parcel and shall also report all parcels which are
delinquent, and the amount of delinquencies thereon.

51521.  (a) Any installment of an assessment for which no bond or
time warrant has been issued, which is unpaid after 60 days from the
date of the order, is delinquent with the accrued interest thereon,
and a penalty of 10 percent of the amount of the installment and
interest shall be added thereto and collected for the use of the
   (b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), the board may, for good
cause, collect the unpaid installment described in subdivision (a)
and waive the penalty or interest.

51522.  All money, including interest and penalties, derived by sale
or otherwise, from original and additional assessments shall be
placed by the county treasurer of the principal county to the credit
of the general fund of the district or, if bonds of the district have
been issued upon the assessment and remain unpaid and provision has
not been made for the payment thereof, shall be deposited in a
separate fund for the sole purpose of paying the principal and
interest of the bonds and the expenses of the county treasurer.