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SECTION 52190-52193

52190.  All money, including interest and penalties, derived by
sale, or otherwise, from an assessment against which bonds have been
issued, and amounts of purchase money paid in bonds or coupons on
delinquency sales made for such assessments, shall be credited to the
bond fund of the district, except as provided in Section 51644.

52191.  The county treasurer shall charge to the bond fund the
expenses of publication and such other incidental expenses of the
county treasurer as are necessarily incurred by him in collecting and
disbursing the moneys received and disbursed by him, as well as the
cost of keeping such additional records as are necessary to carry out
the provisions of this division relating to bonds.

52192.  All claims by the county treasurer and the expenditures
shall be first approved by the board, and a warrant shall be drawn by
the board on the bond fund in favor of the county treasurer in
payment for such expenditures.

52193.  The county treasurer shall transfer the balance remaining in
the bond fund, after payment in full of the principal and interest
of all outstanding bonds, to the general fund of the district.