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SECTION 71010-71019

71010.  Unless the context otherwise requires, the provisions of
this chapter govern the construction of this division.

71011.  The definition of a word applies to any of its variants.

71012.  "City" means any chartered or general law city.

71013.  "District" means a municipal water district formed pursuant
to the Municipal Water District Act of 1911 or this division.

71014.  "Board" means the board of directors of a district.

71015.  "Principal county" means the county in which the greater
portion of the land of a district or a proposed district is situated.

71016.  "Affected county" means any county in which the land of a
district, or proposed district, is situated.

71017.  "Voter" means a voter as defined in Section 359 of the
Elections Code.

71018.  "President" means the president of the board of directors of
a district.

71019.  "Secretary" means the secretary of a district.