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SECTION 72010-72014

72010.  At the time and place so fixed in the resolution of
intention, or at any time or place to which the hearing is adjourned,
the board shall proceed with the hearing. At the hearing any person
interested, including any person owning property in the district, or
in the proposed improvement district, may appear and present any
matters material to the questions set forth in the resolution of

72011.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the board shall by
resolution determine whether it is necessary to form the improvement
district. If so, the resolution shall also state:
   (a) The purpose for which the proposed improvement district is to
be formed.
   (b) The estimated expense of carrying out such purpose.
   (c) That the exterior boundaries of the portion of the district
which will be benefited are set forth on a map on file with the
secretary, which map shall govern for all details as to the extent of
the improvement district.
   (d) That such portion of the district set forth on the map, shall
thereupon constitute and be known as "Improvement District (A, B, C,
or other letter designation)____ of ____ Municipal Water District."

72012.  The determinations made in the resolution of formation shall
be final and conclusive.

72013.  After the formation of the improvement district pursuant to
this part, all taxes levied for the carrying out of its purpose shall
be levied exclusively upon the taxable property in the improvement

72014.  A copy of the resolution of formation shall be published
pursuant to Section 6066 of the Government Code in a newspaper
printed and published in the district, if there is a newspaper
printed and published in the district. A copy of the resolution shall
also be posted in three public places within the proposed
improvement district for at least two weeks.
   The resolution of formation shall not be effective until the 31st
day after completion of the publication and posting.