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SECTION 72300-72303

72300.  Any portion of a county, or any city situated within such
county, or both, may be added to a district. Such portion or city
need not be within a county in which the existing district is

72301.  The cities need not be contiguous, and the unincorporated
territory, inhabited or uninhabited, may consist of one or more
parcels which need not be contiguous to each other or to any such
cities. The annexing area or areas need not be contiguous to the

72302.  Any district whose territory is included within a
metropolitan water district may nonetheless annex territory outside
of the metropolitan water district without the consent of, or
necessity that such annexed land be included within, the metropolitan
water district; but the district may not serve water purchased from
the metropolitan water district to such territory outside of the
boundaries of the metropolitan water district without the consent of
the metropolitan water district.

72303.  Any district, the territory, or any portion thereof, of
which is included within a metropolitan water district, shall be
entitled, without penalty or sanction from the metropolitan water
district, to purchase or acquire water to serve any territory within
the district, whether or not the territory is within the metropolitan
water district, from the following specified sources without the
water being deemed an acquisition or purchase of water from the State
Water Resources development system:
   (a) Recycled water, as defined in Section 13050, regardless of the
source of the water prior to its use and recycling.
   (b) Water produced incidentally to the exercise of bona fide
property rights to divert or pump local waters, regardless of the
origin of the waters.