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SECTION 74010-74019

74010.  Unless the context otherwise requires, the provisions of
this chapter govern the construction of this division.

74011.  The definition of a word applies to any of its variants.

74012.  "District" means a water conservation district formed
pursuant to the Conservation Act of California (Chapter 332, Statutes
of 1919), the Water Conservation Act of 1929 (Chapter 166, Statutes
of 1929), the Water Conservation Act of 1931 (Chapter 1020, Statutes
of 1931), or this division.

74013.  "Board" means the board of directors of a district.

74014.  "Principal county" means the county in which the lands
within a district or a proposed district, or the greater portion
thereof, are situated, and is the county in which the petition for
the formation of a district is filed.

74015.  "Affected county" means any county in which the land of a
district is situated.

74016.  "Board of supervisors" means the board of supervisors of the
principal county.

74017.  "President" means the president of the board of directors of
a district and "secretary" means the secretary of the board of

74018.  "Treasurer" means the treasurer of the principal county.

74019.  "General district election" means the election held on the
first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each odd-numbered
year, after the organization of the district, at which directors for
the district shall be elected to fill the offices of the directors
whose terms of office shall then expire, in accordance with the
provisions of this division and the Uniform District Election Law.
The election shall be called and conducted and the results canvassed,
returned, and declared pursuant to the provisions of the Uniform
District Election Law.