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SECTION 75410-75415

75410.  If the board determines, by resolution, that it would be
inequitable to secure all or any portion of the money necessary for
any project of the district (including obligations of the district
arising from contracts with local, state, or federal agencies,
bureaus, or authorities for the furnishing of a water supply to the
district, or the construction of works for the district, where the
actual construction is undertaken and financed in the first instance
by such agency, bureau, or authority, subject to later repayment in
whole or in part by the district), through the levy of assessments on
land or real property in accordance with the assessed value thereof,
the board may levy a project assessment in the manner prescribed in
this chapter.

75411.  The resolution of the board shall also designate that
portion of the cost of the project, if any, that the board determines
can be secured equitably by means of an assessment on all lands in
the district, or if so determined by the board, on all real property
within the district, in accordance with the assessed value of the
land (or real property) as it appears on the county assessment roll,
payable in not to exceed 40 annual installments at an annual rate not
to exceed 7 percent.
   In lieu of securing such portion of the cost through a separate
assessment levied on the land (or real property), the board may elect
to pay such portion of the cost from funds secured for general
purposes by assessments levied on all of the land within the district
pursuant to the provisions of Chapters 1 (commencing with Section
75350) and 2 (commencing with Section 75370) of this part and subject
to the limitations contained therein. If the board so elects, it
shall so state in the resolution and the amount of money so paid
shall not be considered by the electors in the election provided in
this chapter.

75412.  After the adoption of the resolution, the board shall cause
to be prepared any necessary plans and specifications of the project,
and estimates of the repayment obligations of the district, together
with an assessment of the amount of the cost, or portion thereof as
determined by the board, apportioned to the various tracts of land in
the district according to the benefits that will accrue to each such
tract by reason of the expenditures of the money for the project, or
for the repayment obligations of a contract.

75413.  The assessment shall be payable in not to exceed 40 annual
installments, with interest at an annual rate not to exceed 7

75414.  The board constitutes a board of commissioners to levy and
apportion the assessment.

75415.  The resolution, plans, specifications, estimate, and
proposed assessment shall be filed in the district office and shall
be subject to public inspection.