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SECTION 75630-75633

75630.  The superior court of the county in which a water-producing
facility within the district lies may issue a temporary restraining
order upon the filing by the district of a petition or complaint
setting forth that the person named therein as defendant is the
operator of a water-producing facility which has not been registered
with the district, or that such defendant is delinquent in the
payment of a ground water charge.
   Such temporary restraining order shall be returnable to the court
on or before 10 days after its issuance.
   Service of process is completed by posting a copy of the summons
and complaint upon the water-producing facility or the parcel of land
upon which it is located and by personal service upon the named

75631.  The court in such action may issue and grant an injunction
restraining and prohibiting the named defendant from the operation of
any water-producing facility when it is established at the hearing
that the defendant has failed to register such water-producing
facility with the district or that the defendant is delinquent in
payment of ground water charges thereon.
   The court may provide that the injunction so made and issued shall
be stayed for a period not to exceed 10 days to permit the defendant
to register the water-producing facility or to pay the delinquent
ground water charge.

75632.  The right to proceed for injunctive relief granted by this
article is an additional right to those which may be provided
elsewhere in this division or otherwise allowed by law. The procedure
provided in Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 525) of Title 7 of
Part 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure, regarding injunctions, shall
be followed except insofar as it is otherwise provided in this

75633.  The district may bring a suit in any court having
jurisdiction against any operator of a water-producing facility
within the district for the collection of any delinquent groundwater
charge. The court may, in addition to allowing recovery of costs to
the district as allowed by law, fix and allow as part of the judgment
interest and penalties as provided in Sections 75615 and 75616.