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SECTION 75850-75852

75850.  The boundaries of a district may be changed to include
additional land within the district as provided in this chapter, and
the inclusion within a district of any land not contiguous thereto
shall be deemed to effect a change of the boundaries of the district.
No such change in the boundaries of a district shall impair or
affect its organization, or its right in or to property, or any of
its rights or privileges of whatsoever kind or nature; nor shall it
affect, impair, or discharge any contract, obligation, lien, or
charge for or upon which the district was or might become liable or
chargeable had such change of its boundaries not been made.

75851.  When a district is the sole owner of any tract of land not
within the boundaries of the district, the board, upon determining
that the inclusion of that land will be for the best interests of the
district, may by resolution declare that such land shall be included
in the district. The inclusion of such land within the district is
effective immediately upon the adoption of the resolution.

75852.  A guardian, executor, or administrator of an estate, who is
appointed as such under the laws of this state, and who, as such
guardian, executor, or administrator, is entitled to the possession
of the lands belonging to the estate which he represents, may, on
behalf of his ward or the estate which he represents, upon being
authorized by the proper court, sign and acknowledge petition for the
inclusion of lands, and may show cause, as provided in this chapter,
why the boundaries of the district should not be changed.