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SECTION 78681-78681.10

78681.  (a) There is hereby created in the account the Sacramento
Valley Water Management and Habitat Protection Subaccount.
   (b) For the purposes of this article, "subaccount" means the
Sacramento Valley Water Management and Habitat Protection Subaccount
created by subdivision (a).

78681.2.  The sum of twenty-five million dollars ($25,000,000) is
hereby transferred from the account to the subaccount for the purpose
of implementing this article.

78681.4.  Notwithstanding Section 13340 of the Government Code, the
money in the subaccount is hereby continuously appropriated, without
regard to fiscal years, to the department, for programs or projects
in the Sacramento Valley to assist in the implementation of the Water
Quality Control Plan for the Bay-Delta adopted by the board in
Resolution No. 95-24 on May 22, 1995, and as it may be amended.

78681.8.  The board shall provide adequate public review for
proposed programs or projects and shall determine that those programs
or projects are consistent with the requirements of Section 78681.4.

78681.9.  Only the programs or projects that are not the obligation
of the federal Central Valley Project or the State Water Project may
be funded under this article.

78681.10.  Not more than 3 percent of the total amount deposited in
the subaccount for the use of the department may be used to pay the
costs incurred in connection with the administration of this article
by the department.