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      Sec. 47a-5. (Formerly Sec. 47-24a). Penalty for allowing occupancy without
certificate of occupancy.
In any borough, city or town which requires a certificate of
occupancy prior to human habitation of any building located therein, if any building is
occupied in whole or in part without such occupancy permit, the owner or lessor of the
premises shall be liable for a civil penalty of not more than twenty dollars per day, per
apartment or dwelling unit, for not more than two hundred days for such period of
unlawful occupation.

      (1959, P.A. 415, S. 1; P.A. 79-571, S. 8; P.A. 97-231, S. 4; P.A. 98-107, S. 4, 6.)

      History: Sec. 47-24a transferred to Sec. 47a-5 in 1977; P.A. 79-571 rephrased provisions but made no substantive
changes; P.A. 97-231 revised the sanction for an owner or lessor who allows occupancy of premises without a certificate
of occupancy by replacing the prohibition on the recovery of rent for such period of unlawful occupation with a civil
penalty of not more than $20 per day for such period; P.A. 98-107 specified that the daily civil penalty is "per apartment
or dwelling unit, for not more than two hundred days", effective July 1, 1998.

      See Sec. 47a-57 re certificate of occupancy requirement with respect to apartments or dwelling units containing three
or more housing units.

      Annotation to former section 47-24a:

      Statute does not authorize action by tenant for recovery of rent voluntarily paid during period of violation. 150 C. 702.

      Annotations to present section:

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