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O.C.G.A. 50-5B-3 (2010)
50-5B-3. Duties of the state accounting officer; recommendations for improving cash management practices; implementing policies

(a) The state accounting officer shall:

(1) Prescribe state-wide accounting policies, procedures, and practices;

(2) Prescribe, develop, operate, and maintain uniform state accounting systems for all state government organizations which facilitate financial accounting and reporting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and also meet state and federal accounting and financial reporting requirements;

(3) Prescribe the manner in which disbursements shall be made by state government organizations;

(4) Prescribe and supervise the installation of any changes in the state accounting information systems necessary to secure and maintain internal control and facilitate the recording of accounting data for the purpose of preparing reliable, timely, and meaningful statements and reports;

(5) Manage the state's accounting, payroll, and human capital systems;

(6) Using generally accepted accounting principles, prepare the state's financial statements and other reports in accordance with legal requirements;

(7) Provide annual financial statements and other reports to the state auditor and other auditors, as appropriate, for review and certification when required by statute or federal regulation;

(8) Develop interim reports on the financial condition and budgetary compliance of the state and various state organizations;

(9) Determine the proper classification for accounting and reporting purposes of all assets, liabilities, revenues, expenditures, fund balances, funds, and accounts in compliance with legal requirements and generally accepted accounting principles and prescribe a uniform classification of accounts and other accounting identifiers which shall be used by all state organizations;

(10) Develop processes and systems to improve accountability and enhanced collection of accounts receivable due to the state. In developing these processes, the state accounting officer may prescribe procedures to allow for the recognition of uncollectible accounts for financial reporting purposes. He or she may also develop guidelines to allow uncollectible debts to be removed from active collection processes. This recognition shall not remove or diminish the state's claim on accounts or debt owed to the state; and

(11) Develop processes and systems to improve accountability and enhance efficiency for disbursement of funds and management of accounts payable.

(b) The state accounting officer may recommend processes and systems to improve the cash management practices of the state to the State Depository Board. The state accounting officer in cooperation with the Office of the State Treasurer may prescribe policies and procedures to implement the policies of the board.