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Chapter 20.--COURTS

      20-3109.   Neosho county; court offices.The clerk, or a deputy clerk, of the district court of Neosho county,Kansas shall maintain an office at the city of Erie and at the city ofChanute in Neosho county. All actions commenced in the courtshall be entitled in the court "sitting at Erie" or "sitting at Chanute"as the case may be, and all actions shall be filed, process issued from andbe returned to and trial had in the court sitting at the place designatedin the title, except as otherwise provided by law. Any actionpending in the district court sitting ateither city may be assigned or transferred for hearing or trialto the court sitting at the other city,either by order of thedistrict court of Neosho county or the judge ofthat court or bystipulation of the parties.

      History:   L. 1955, ch. 183, § 2; L. 1984, ch. 147, § 3; July 1.