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Chapter 20.--COURTS

      20-3129.   Same; library fees assessed in certaincases.(a) Subject to the limitations contained in this section, the clerks of thedistrict courts shall tax a library fee in an amount determined by the trusteesof the law library in each county for the benefit and account of the lawlibrary in each county. Such library fee shall be not less than $2 nor morethan $10 in all cases commenced pursuant to chapter 60 of theKansas StatutesAnnotated and in all felony criminal cases and shall be not less than $.50 normore than $7 in all other cases.

      (b)   The clerks of the district courts in Sedgwick county and Johnsoncounty may tax an additional fee in anamount determined by the trustees of the law library in each county for thebenefit and account of the law library in each such county. Such additionallibrary fee shall not be more than $4 in all cases.

      (c)   The trustee of the law library in eachcounty may increase law library fees under thissection once per calendar year as of July 1. Changed law library feesshall be effectiveas of that date and when filed with the clerk of the supreme court. Thetrustees of the law library in each countyshall file with the respective clerks the fees to be charged in that court.

      (d)   The fees provided for by subsection (a) shall bededucted from the docket fee.The fees provided for by subsection (b) shall be in addition to the docketfees established by law.

      (e)   In criminal cases where the case is dismissed by thestate, the county shall be liable for the library fee. Where appeals fromconviction in the municipal court are dismissed for want of prosecution, or bythe defendant, the state or city shall collect the library fee. Upon failure ofthe state or city to do so within 90 days after the dismissal, the county fromwhich the appeal is taken shall be liable therefor.

      (f)   The additional library fee under subsection (b) shall be considered adocket fee for purposes of K.S.A. 60-2001 et seq., and amendments thereto.

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