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      24-403.   Petition for organization of drainage district; definitions. (A) That the petition for the incorporation and organization of adrainage district shall be addressed to the board of county commissionersof the county in which the lands which it is proposed shall constitute thedistrict are situated. The petition shall describe the territory proposedto be so incorporated by sections or subdivisions of sections, according tothe government survey, or by metes and bounds, and state that the lands andproperty therein embraced are subject to injury and damage from theoverflow of some natural watercourse, naming or describing it; that theimprovement of the channel of such watercourse, the construction andmaintenance of levees, drains or other works, including detention dams andreservoirs, are necessary to prevent such overflow; and that suchimprovement or works will be conducive to the public health, convenience,or welfare. And such petition shall contain a prayer that all of theterritory within the boundaries defined in the petition be incorporated asa drainage district, under the corporate name to be therein designated. Ifany lands to be included in said district lie within the limits of any cityor town, it shall be sufficient to describe same by their appropriatenumber as lots or blocks or parts of lots or blocks.

      (B)   Whenever the term: (a) "other improvements"; (b) "other works orimprovements"; (c) "any work to be done"; (d) "other works to preventoverflow"; (e) "existing improvements"; (f) "other works"; or any terms orwords of like import are used in the act of which this section isamendatory, and when used in any act supplemental to or amendatory of saidact, commonly known as the drainage act of 1905, such terms shall beconstrued to include and mean, but not limited to, detention dams andreservoirs constructed in areas adjacent to watercourses.

      History:   L. 1905, ch. 215, § 3; L. 1909, ch. 132, § 1; R.S. 1923, 24-403; L.1951, ch. 262, § 1; June 30.