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      24-405.   Hearing of petition; corporate name; perpetual succession.That at the time set for the hearing of the petition, as provided in thenext preceding section, it shall be the duty of the board of countycommissioners to first ascertain and determine whether notice has beengiven of the time of hearing as required by this act, and, if it shall bedetermined that such notice has been given, to make a declaration andfinding of that fact and cause the same to be entered upon its records, andthereupon to hear all persons in favor or opposed to granting the prayer ofsaid petition and all other evidence that it may desire to hear for thepurpose of ascertaining whether such petition contains the proper number ofsigners possessing the qualifications prescribed by this act, and whetherthe statements in said petition are true; and if upon such hearing it shallbe found that such petition is in conformity to the requirements of thisact, and that the allegations thereof are true, then such board of countycommissioners shall make a finding and decision to that effect, and shallthereupon immediately declare the territory described in the petition toconstitute a public corporation, and the inhabitants within such bounds tobe incorporated as a drainage district under the name of "The ____ drainagedistrict, _____ county, Kansas" (inserting the name designated in thepetition and the name of the proper county), and thenceforth the saidterritory and the inhabitants residing therein and their successors shallconstitute a body politic and corporate under said corporate name, andshall have perpetual succession.

      History:   L. 1905, ch. 215, § 5; Feb. 25; R.S. 1923, 24-405.