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      24-406.   Record of organization; first election; description of lands. That it shall be the duty of the board of county commissionersincorporating any drainage district under the provisions of this act tocause an entry to be made upon its records showing all of its declarations,findings, decisions and orders made pursuant to the preceding sections,which entry shall define the limits of the drainage district to be soincorporated in conformity to the description contained in the petition,and such entry shall fix the time and place of holding the first electionto choose such officers of such drainage district as are hereinafterrequired to be elected, and designate five taxpayers residing within saiddistrict, three to act as judges and two to act as clerks of such election;and all declarations, determinations, findings, decisions and orders ofsuch board of county commissioners so entered of record shall be conclusiveon all persons, so that no matter or fact so determined shall ever bedisputed by anyone, and such record, or a properly authenticated copythereof, shall be conclusive evidence in all courts of the matters thereinrecited and of the corporate existence of such drainage district:Provided, That the fact that the lands described in drainage districtsheretofore incorporated under the provisions of said chapter 215 aredescribed by sections or subdivisions of sections, according to thegovernment survey, or as lots or blocks or parts of lots or blocks, bytheir appropriate number, shall not invalidate said petitions or invalidatethe orders of the board of county commissioners incorporating suchdistricts.

      History:   L. 1905, ch. 215, § 6; L. 1909, ch. 132, § 2; April 3; R.S. 1923,24-406.