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      24-408.   Powers of districts incorporated under law of 1905.All drainage districts incorporated under the provisions of chapter 215of the Session Laws of 1905, shall have power:

      First, to take from any navigable river within their corporatelimits, sand, gravel, rock, or other minerals, without the payment to thestate of any compensation therefor, and sell the same and use the proceedsin the construction or maintenance of levees, or river walls, or fordredging, or other improvements authorized to be made or maintained by suchdistricts.

      Second, to construct and maintain streets upon, along, adjoining orover any river wall, dike or levee, and approaches thereto from adjacent orintersecting streets, and to contract with any city or other municipalcorporation in which the same may be situated, or with any privatecorporation or person, for the making of such improvements, or for thepayment of a portion of the cost thereof, and to levy taxes and issue bondsin accordance with and subject to the provisions of chapter 215 of theSession Laws of 1905 and acts amendatory thereof, to pay the cost of suchimprovements.

      Third, to contract or otherwise co-operate with any city or othermunicipal corporation in which the same may be situated, or with anycorporation or person, for the construction of flood control works and forthe acquiring of rights of way therefor and for the maintenance, repair oroperation thereof, and for the construction and maintenance of sewers,drains or ditches for the drainage of any drainage district or portionthereof, or to prevent the same from being overflowed by surface water fromadjoining lands, and to levy taxes and issue bonds in accordance with andsubject to the provisions of chapter 215 of the Session Laws of 1905,and acts amendatory thereof, to pay for the cost of such improvements.

      History:   L. 1917, ch. 173, § 1; R.S. 1923, 24-408; L. 1955, ch. 199, § 1;April 8.