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      24-409.   Board of directors; members' qualifications and terms.(a) All powers granted to drainage districtsincorporated under theprovisions of this act shall be exercised by a board of directorsconsisting of three persons. Except as provided in K.S.A. 24-412, andamendments thereto, the directors shall hold their officesfor four years anduntil their successors are elected or appointed, as the case may be, andqualified, and shall be chosen at the time and in the manner provided bylaw.

      (b)   Members oftheboard of directors shall be owners of land located inthe drainage district and shall reside in the county in which the district islocated or, if the district is located in more than one county, a county inwhich any portion of the district is located, except:

      (1)   If there are no residents within the drainage district who are owners ofland within the district, any owner of land located within the district shallbe a qualified voter and shall be eligible to hold the office of director; and

      (2)   a director shall beeither an owner of or a tenant on land located within the drainage districtwhenever: (A) The drainage district is located within onecounty and thepopulation of the county does not exceed 10,000; or (B) thedrainage districtis located in more than one county and thepopulation of any such county does not exceed 10,000.

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