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      24-415.   Organization of board; record of proceedings; treasurer, powersand duties; bond; county treasurer's duties.(a) Except as providedby subsection (b), the directorsshall meet after they have been qualified and select from their numbera president, secretary andtreasurer, and shall also designate one of the members to act asvice-president in case the regular president is absent. Thedirectors shall adoptrules and bylaws to regulate the transaction of business, which theymay amend at their pleasure. They shall also adopt a seal,with which all contracts executed by the board shall be authenticated.The president shall preside at all meetings whenpresent and shall execute all contracts in the corporate name of thedistrict. All contracts shall be attested by the secretary andauthenticated by the common seal of the corporation. The vice-presidentshall preside at meetings of the board in the absence of the president.The secretary shall record all transactions and proceedingsof the board in a journal which shall at all times be open to inspection byall taxpayers of the district. The journal or copiesauthenticated by the secretary under the seal of the corporation shallbe admitted in all courts as evidence of such proceedings andtransactions.

      (b)   All moneys received bythe county treasurer for and on behalf of any drainage districtexcept moneys received for the retirement of bonds or the payment ofinterest thereon shall be paid to the treasurer of the drainage districton written orders signed by the president, countersigned by thetreasurer, attested by the secretary and authenticated by the seal of thedistrict. The district treasurershall depositthe moneys of the district in a bank authorized to receive publicdeposits. The deposits shall be made in the manner provided by law.The treasurer of the district shall give a bondinan amount approved by the board of county commissioners which shall beconditioned on the faithful and proper performance of duty. The treasurer shall keepand shall pay according to law all moneys received as treasurer andshall render a just andtrue account thereofwhenever required by the board of directors or by any provision of law.The treasurer shall deliver over tothe successor in office or to any otherperson authorized by law to receive the same, all moneys, books, papersand other things appertaining thereto or belonging tothe office. The treasurer shall pay out of the funds of thedistrict on written orders signed by the president,countersigned by the treasurer, attested by the secretary andauthenticated by the seal of the district and shall cancel and retainall orders so paid. The treasurer shall keep an itemizedaccount of all orders paid showing the amount of each order, the person to whompaid and the date of payment.

      (c)   The board of directors may designate the county treasurer to actas ex officio treasurer of the district for the purpose of collecting and disbursingtaxes and assessments.

      The county treasurer shall pay any money of the drainage district onhand upon warrants, signed by the chairperson and attested by thesecretary of the board of directors of the district, when presented for payment.

      History:   L. 1905, ch. 215, § 14; L. 1913, ch. 184, § 4; R.S.1923, 24-415; L. 1959, ch. 170, § 1; L. 1977, ch. 124, § 1; L. 1983,ch. 118, § 6; July 1.