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      24-423.   Same; meeting of taxpayers, when; notice; vote.That if it shall appear by the assessors' report to be made as providedin the next preceding section that the amount to be charged against anytract of land for benefits will exceed ten percent upon its actual value asfixed by such report, then the board of directors shall forthwith call ameeting of all taxpayers whose property will be benefited by the proposedwork, as shown by the assessors' report, and submit to such meeting thequestion as to whether such improvements shall be made or not. If amajority of such taxpayers voting at such meeting shall vote against themaking of such improvement it shall not be made, but if a majority of suchtaxpayers voting at such meeting shall vote in favor of the making of suchimprovement, the board of directors may cause the same to be made and levyspecial taxes or assessments in accordance with the report of the assessorsto pay the same.

      The board of directors shall cause its secretary to give notice of suchmeeting by one publication in some newspaper printed in the county, fivedays before the day fixed therefor. The president of the board of directorsshall preside at such meeting and the secretary of the board of directorsshall act as its secretary, and shall make, sign and file in his office areport of its proceedings. In the absence of either president or secretary,those present may choose a president or secretary pro tem. Only taxpayersshown by the report of the assessors shall be entitled to vote at suchmeetings.

      History:   L. 1905, ch. 215, § 22; Feb. 25; R.S. 1923, 24-423.