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      24-425.   Election upon bond issue; notice; canvass of returns.That whenever the board of directors deems it necessary to issue bondsto be paid by general taxation, which issue requires the sanction of thetaxpayers, it shall make an entry on its journal so declaring and an ordercalling an election for that purpose; such order shall specify the amountof bonds necessary to be issued, the rate of interest the same shall bear,the time when payable and the purpose for which the proceeds are to beexpended, the time and place where such election is to be held, and shallappoint judges and clerks to conduct the same.

      A proclamation calling such election shall be published at least tendays before the day fixed for holding the same, in some newspaper publishedin the county; such proclamation shall prescribe the form of the ballot,state the time and place when and where the election will be held, andshall contain a copy of the order of the board of directors calling thesame; and at the time appointed the election shall be conducted, thereturns made and the results ascertained in the same manner as provided bylaw for general county elections, except that the returns shall be made toand canvassed by the board of directors of the district, and except asherein otherwise provided. The board of directors shall meet and canvassthe returns of all such elections and declare the result, and if a majorityof those voting at the election authorize the issuing of the bonds, theboard of directors shall have power to issue the same and cause the workfor which they were authorized to be done.

      History:   L. 1905, ch. 215, § 24; Feb. 25; R.S. 1923, 24-425.