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State Codes and Statutes

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      24-449.   Cooperation of districts; aid from personsor corporations;letting of contracts.That whenever it shall be ascertained and determined that any naturalwatercourse in one drainage district is accustomed by its overflow toinjure lands situated in any other drainage district organized under thisact, or lands situated within the territorial limits of any similarcorporation organized under the laws of any other state, the board ofdirectors of such first drainage district shall have power to enter intocontracts with such other drainage district or corporation, or with anyowners of land subject to overflow situated outside such first drainagedistrict or state, to co-operate in the construction of levees or otherworks to prevent such overflow, and shall also have power to receivedonations or aid in constructing levees or other works from persons orcorporations who own property outside of the limits of the district thatwill be benefited thereby; and whenever two or more drainage districtsorganized under this act or any drainage district and any similarcorporation organized under the laws of any other state determine that bycooperation they can more advantageously carry on the work of constructinga continuous levee or other work that will afford common protection andbenefit to the property owners and people of such districts or territories,then such districts may contract with each other or with such foreigncorporation, and unite in causing any improvement to be made, theproportion of the cost to be contributed by each to be first fixed byagreement between them, and each drainage district organized under this actmay issue bonds or levy special assessments to pay its proportion of thecost of such joint undertaking. Any districts or any district and foreigncorporation so cooperating may jointly advertise for, accept bids and makejoint contracts for the construction of any such levee or other works, butno district shall be bound by any contract to pay more than its share ofthe cost of such work, so to be determined and apportioned before thecontract is made.

      History:   L. 1905, ch. 215, § 49; Feb. 25; R.S. 1923, 24-449.