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      24-459.   Directors; election; term; eligible voters.(a) The board of directors of any drainage district incorporatedpursuant toK.S.A. 24-458 shall consist of three qualified persons as defined inparagraph (3)of subsection (e) of this section.

      (b)   The directors for thefirst term after the incorporation of the drainage district shall beselected and designated in the petition for the incorporation of thedistrict and shall be declared directors by the county commissionersto which the petition is presented.

      (c)   The directors shall holdoffice until the first Tuesday in Aprilnext after the incorporation ofthe district, at which time and every four years thereafter directorsshall be elected and shall hold their office for the term of four yearsand until their successors are elected and qualified.

      (d)   Every qualified person ofthe district shall be entitled to vote atthe election or at any election which may be held inthe district.

      (e)   For the purposes of this section:

      (1)   "Owner" or "person who owns land" means any person or entity who is therecord owner of the fee in any real estate in the district or the fee in thesurface rights of any real estate in the district, but the owners of an oil andgas lease, mineral rights or interest, easements or mortgages as such shall notbe considered owners, and school districts, cemetery associations, andmunicipal corporations shall not be considered owners.

      (2)   "Taxpayer" means any owner who has paid all taxes currently due on suchreal estate.

      (3)   "Qualified person" means any taxpayer 18 years of age or older,whether a resident of the district or not. A taxpayer who is a qualified personand who is not an individual may designate an individual to cast its vote or toserve as a director of the district.

      (f)   The county clerk shall determine the qualified persons entitled to voteat any election in the district. Any entity desiring to vote at an electionshall register the name of its designated representative with the countyelection officer no later than 14 days in advance of any suchelection.

      History:   L. 1911, ch. 173, § 2; R.S. 1923, 24-459; L. 1927, ch.198, § 1; L. 1983, ch. 118, § 9;L. 2004, ch. 161, § 2; July 1.