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      24-472.   How appropriation made; duties of governor.That whenever private parties or corporations claim to own any part ofthe land so to be appropriated in any such drainage district, havingtaxable property to the amount of not less than forty million dollars asshown by the assessment roll of the preceding year, and which shall havedeposited with the treasurer of the county wherein such land is situated,money to compensate for the appropriation of land necessary for the makingof such improvements, the governor, when satisfied that the money sodeposited is amply sufficient to make full and adequate compensation forsuch property so to be appropriated, shall thereupon issue a proclamationdeclaring that the state of Kansas has taken and appropriated such land,describing the same, and proclaiming that from and after the date ofpublication of such proclamation said property and the right to thepossession thereof vests in the state of Kansas.

      Such proclamation shall be published in the official paper of the countywherein the land so appropriated is situated, and shall be notice to allparties interested, that the state of Kansas has taken and appropriated theland therein described, and thereupon the governor shall take and holdpossession of said land in the name and on behalf of the state: Provided,however, The governor may appoint and designate the board of directorsof the drainage district in which such lands are situated, as agents of thestate to take and hold such possession for and on behalf of and in the nameof the state, and the possession of such land by the governor or such agentshall be possession by the state; and the sheriff of the county whereinsuch land is situated, shall upon the request of the governor or suchagent, put them in possession of such property.

      History:   L. 1911, ch. 172, § 3; Jan. 30; R.S. 1923, 24-472.