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      24-489.   Dike or levee improvement in certaindistricts.That in any drainage district created, organized and existing under andby virtue of chapter 215 of the Session Laws of 1905 and actsamendatory of or supplemental thereto (chapter 24, article 4, KansasStatutes Annotated, and acts amendatory and supplemental thereto) lying withinor partly within any city of the first class, and embracing within theboundaries of such district, property of the assessed valuation of thirtymillion dollars ($30,000,000) or more, whenever, in the opinion of theboard of directors of such district, the dikes or levees are ofinsufficient height, or in cases where the dikes or levees are of unequalor insufficient height, strength, or width on either bank of a river orstream, or in cases wherein dikes or levees are deemed by the board ofdirectors to be weakened, out of repair, and in need of construction,reconstruction, rebuilding or repair, and that such dikes or levees, forany of the reasons above enumerated, are insufficient to provide adequateflood protection to the inhabitants and the property or any part thereof.The board of directors of such district may forthwith proceed to remedysuch defective and unsafe conditions; and they are hereby authorized andempowered to take all necessary steps to remedy such conditions and paytherefor out of the funds derived from the bond issue as hereinafterprovided: Provided, however, That nothing herein contained shall beconstrued to change or modify the existing statutes with reference to thespecific uses for which the general fund of the district may be expended.

      History:   L. 1933, ch. 63, § 1 (Special Session); Nov. 30.