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      24-498.   Detachment of certain lands; petition; hearing; notice;territory liable for outstanding bonded indebtedness.That where any lands have been included in a drainage district organizedunder the drainage act of 1905 or acts amendatory thereof or supplementalthereto and such lands have been harmed and not benefited by improvementsmade by such drainage district, the owners of such lands may file apetition with the board of county commissioners, describing the lands andnaming the owners thereof and asking that such lands be detached from thedrainage district. Upon the filing of such petition, the board of countycommissioners shall fix a time and place for a public hearing on suchpetition and shall give notice thereof by one publication in the officialcounty paper at least five and not more than ten days before the date fixedfor such hearing.

      At such hearing all persons in favor and opposed to such petition shallbe given an opportunity to be heard. At or within ten days after suchhearing, the board of county commissioners shall enter an order allowing ordenying such petition. In the event the board shall allow such petition andorder the lands detached from the drainage district, such detachment shallbe effective as of the first day of March next following such order:Provided, That if such drainage district has outstanding any bondedindebtedness at the time such detachment of territory becomes effective,the lands so detached shall continue to be taxed for the purpose of payingsuch bonds and the interest thereon until the same have been retired.

      History:   L. 1947, ch. 244, § 1; June 30.