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      24-4,100.   Dissolution of certain inoperative districts located whollywithin cities; procedure.Whenever the county clerk shall petition the board of countycommissioners to disorganize and dissolve a drainage district locatedwholly within a city in the county, and it shall appear from said petitionthat said drainage district has no property of any kind, the district hasno officers or funds, has no outstanding indebtedness, has ceased tofunction for more than one (1) year and will continue to be inoperative,the board of county commissioners shall, within thirty (30) days afterreceipt of the petition, designate a time and place for a hearing toconsider the dissolution of the district, and shall give notice thereof byone (1) publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the citywherein the district is located, said publication to be not less than ten(10) days prior to the date set for the hearing.

      On the date set for the hearing, the commissioners shall hear anyreasons why the district should not be dissolved. After the date of thehearing, the commissioners are authorized to adopt a resolution providingthat the specified drainage district shall or shall not be disorganized anddissolved. Upon the adoption of such a resolution, the commissioners shallgive notice thereof by publishing the resolution adopted once in anewspaper of general circulation in the city wherein the drainage districtis to be dissolved. A certified copy of such resolution with proof ofpublication shall be filed with the county clerk. The effective date of thedissolution shall be the date of publication in the newspaper of generalcirculation in the city, unless the board of county commissioners shallspecify a later date.

      History:   L. 1961, ch. 194, § 1; June 30.