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      44-5,117.   Mediation conferences.(a) Upon the request of any party to a workers compensationclaim and the acceptance of the other party, the director of workerscompensation shall schedule the parties for a mediation conference. Thepurpose of the mediation shall be to assist the parties in reaching agreementon any disputed issues in a workers compensation claim. If the director isadvised that one party does not wish to participate in the mediation, thedirector is authorized to encourage that party to participate.

      (b)   Mediation conferences shall be conducted by mediators appointed by thedirector. Such mediators shall be qualified as mediators pursuant to thedispute resolution act, K.S.A. 5-501 et seq., and amendmentsthereto, andany relevant rules of the Kansas supreme court as authorized pursuant to K.S.A.5-510, and amendments thereto.

      (c)   Persons with final settlement authority for each party shall be present,in person or by video conference, at the mediation conference.

      (d)   All mediation conferences shall be conducted by a mediator in accordancewith the dispute resolution act, K.S.A. 5-501, and amendments thereto.

      (e)   The director shall widely disseminate information about the mediationconference procedure.

      History:   L. 1996, ch. 79, § 15;L. 1998, ch. 114, § 6; July 1.