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Certification of training entities.

190.131. 1. The department shall accredit or certify trainingentities for first responders, emergency medical dispatchers, emergencymedical technicians-basic, emergency medical technicians-intermediate, andemergency medical technicians-paramedic, for a period of five years, if theapplicant meets the requirements established pursuant to sections 190.001to 190.245.

2. Such rules promulgated by the department shall set forth theminimum requirements for entrance criteria, training program curricula,instructors, facilities, equipment, medical oversight, record keeping, andreporting.

3. Application for training entity accreditation or certificationshall be made upon such forms as prescribed by the department in rulesadopted pursuant to sections 190.001 to 190.245. The application formshall contain such information as the department deems reasonably necessaryto make a determination as to whether the training entity meets allrequirements of sections 190.001 to 190.245 and rules promulgated pursuantto sections 190.001 to 190.245.

4. Upon receipt of such application for training entity accreditationor certification, the department shall determine whether the trainingentity, its instructors, facilities, equipment, curricula and medicaloversight meet the requirements of sections 190.001 to 190.245 and rulespromulgated pursuant to sections 190.001 to 190.245.

5. Upon finding these requirements satisfied, the department shallissue a training entity accreditation or certification in accordance withrules promulgated by the department pursuant to sections 190.001 to190.245.

6. Subsequent to the issuance of a training entity accreditation orcertification, the department shall cause a periodic review of the trainingentity to assure continued compliance with the requirements of sections190.001 to 190.245 and all rules promulgated pursuant to sections 190.001to 190.245.

7. No person or entity shall hold itself out or provide trainingrequired by this section without accreditation or certification by thedepartment.

(L. 1998 S.B. 743, A.L. 2002 S.B. 1107)