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Receipts, contents–prima facie evidence of holder's claim to grain.

411.381. 1. Every receipt issued for grain stored in awarehouse licensed under this chapter shall embody within itswritten or printed terms:

(1) The location of the warehouse where the grain is stored;

(2) The date of the issuance of the receipt;

(3) The consecutive number of the receipt;

(4) How received, whether by railroad, car, truck, or othermeans;

(5) A statement whether the grain received will be deliveredto the bearer, to a specified person, or to a specific person orhis order;

(6) The rate of storage and handling charges;

(7) The net weight in bushels and pounds and the percentageof dockage together with the grading factors and the grade;

(8) The words “nonnegotiable” or “negotiable” according tothe nature of the receipt clearly and conspicuously printed orstamped thereon;

(9) The signature of the warehouseman which may be made byan authorized agent; and

(10) If the receipt is issued for grain of which thewarehouseman is owner, either solely or jointly, or in commonwith others, the fact of such ownership.

2. A receipt, whether negotiable or nonnegotiable, is adocument of title. The warehouseman's failure to complete allentries on a receipt as required by this chapter and the rulespromulgated pursuant to this chapter shall constitute a violationon the part of the warehouseman, but shall not preclude orrestrict a depositor's right to recover stored grain under theprovisions of this chapter. The receipt shall constitute primafacie evidence of the holder's claim to the grain regardless ofthe degree of compliance with this chapter with respect tocompletion of the entries required by this chapter.

(L. 1965 p. 606, A.L. 1981 S.B. 366)

Effective 6-10-81