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13:8A-24.  Acquisition of lands;  purchase;  eminent domain; declaration of  taking;  filing;  deposit of estimated compensation; notice;  right to possession;  adjustment of compensation
    Lands acquired by the State shall be acquired by the commissioner in the name of the State.  They may be acquired by purchase or otherwise on such terms  and conditions as the commissioner shall determine, or by the exercise of the  power of eminent domain in the manner provided in chapter 1 of Title 20 of the  Revised Statutes, except as otherwise provided by this act.  This power of  acquisition shall extend to lands held by any local unit.

    Upon the institution of an action to fix the compensation to be paid, or at  any time thereafter, the commissioner may file with the Clerk of the Superior  Court a declaration of taking, declaring that the possession of one or more of  the tracts or parcels of property described in the petition is thereby being  taken by and for the use of the State.  The declaration of taking shall be  sufficient if it sets forth (1) a description of each tract or parcel of  property to be taken;  (2) a statement of the estate or interest in the said  property being taken;  and (3) a statement of the sum of money estimated by the  commissioner to be just compensation for the taking.  Upon the filing of said  declaration, the commissioner shall deposit with the Clerk of the Superior  Court the amount of the estimated compensation stated in said declaration.

    Upon the filing of the declaration and the depositing with the Clerk of the  Superior Court of the amount of the estimated compensation as stated in the  declaration, the State, without other process or proceedings shall be entitled  to the exclusive possession and use of each tract or parcel of property  described in the declaration and may forthwith enter into and take possession  of said property, it being the intent of this provision that the action to fix  the compensation to be paid or any other proceeding relating to the taking of  such property or entering therein shall not delay the taking of possession and  the use thereof by the State.  The commissioner shall not abandon any  condemnation proceeding subsequent to the date upon which the State has taken  possession of the property as herein provided.

    In the event that any party in possession fails to peaceably surrender the premises condemned within 30 days after service upon him of the notice set forth below, then, upon affidavit of the commissioner, a writ of possession shall issue forthwith from the Clerk of the Superior Court.

    The commissioner shall cause notice of the filing of said declaration and the making of said deposit to be served upon each party to the action to fix the compensation to be paid, who resides in this State, either personally or by  leaving a copy thereof at his residence, and upon each such party who resides  out of the State by mailing thereof to him at his residence if known. In the  event that the residence of any such party or the name of such party is  unknown, such notice shall be published at least once in the newspaper published or circulating in the county or counties in which the property is located.  Such service, mailing or publishing shall be made within 20 days after the filing of the declaration.  Upon the application of any party in interest and after notice to other parties in interest, including the commissioner and the Director of the Division of Taxation, Department of the Treasury, the Superior Court may direct that the money deposited with the Clerk  of the Superior Court or any part thereof to be paid forthwith, without deduction of any fees or commissions, to the person or persons entitled thereto  for or on account of the just compensation to be awarded in such action;   provided, that each person shall have filed with the Clerk of the Superior  Court a consent in writing that, in the event the award in the action shall be  less than the amount deposited, the court, after such notice as the court  prescribes and a hearing, may determine the liability, if any, for the return  of such difference or any part thereof and enter judgment therefor.  In no  event shall more than 75% of the money on deposit be paid unless the party in possession shall have vacated the premises condemned.

    If the amount of the award as finally determined by the court shall exceed the amount so deposited, the person or persons to whom the award is payable shall be entitled to recover from the State the difference between the amount of the deposit and the amount of the award, with interest at the rate of 6% per  annum thereon from the date of the making of the deposit. If the amount of the  award shall be less than the amount so deposited, the Clerk of the Superior  Court shall return the difference between the amount of the award and the  deposit to the commissioner unless the amount of the deposit or any part  thereof shall have thereto been distributed, in which event the court, upon  application of the commissioner and notice to all parties interested in the  award and affording them an opportunity to be heard, shall enter judgment in  favor of the State for such difference against the party or parties liable for  the return thereof.

     L.1971, c. 419, s. 6, eff. Jan. 24, 1972.