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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > New-mexico > Chapter-3 > Article-60a > Section-3-60a-14

3-60A-14. Cooperation by public bodies.

A.     For the purpose of aiding in the planning, undertaking or carrying out of a metropolitan redevelopment project located within the area in which it is authorized to act, any public body, upon terms, with or without consideration may:   

(1)     dedicate, sell, convey or lease any of its interest in any property or grant easements, licenses or other rights or privileges therein to a municipality;   

(2)     incur the entire expense of any public improvements made by the public body in exercising the powers granted in this section;   

(3)     do any and all things necessary to aid or cooperate in the planning or carrying out of a plan;   

(4)     lend, grant or contribute funds to a municipality;   

(5)     enter into agreements, which may extend over any period, notwithstanding any provision or rule of law to the contrary, with a municipality or other public body respecting action to be taken pursuant to any of the powers granted by the Redevelopment Law [3-60A-5 to 3-60A-13, 3-60A-14 to 3-60A-18 NMSA 1978], including the furnishing of funds or other assistance in connection with metropolitan redevelopment; or   

(6)     cause public buildings and public facilities, including parks, playgrounds, recreational, community, educational, transportation, water, sewer or drainage facilities, or any other works which it is otherwise empowered to undertake to be furnished to the municipality; furnish, dedicate, close, vacate, pave, install, grade, regrade, plan or replan streets, roads, sidewalks, ways or other places; plan or replan, zone or rezone any part of the public property or make exceptions from building regulations; and cause administrative and other services to be furnished to the municipality.   

If at any time title to or possession of any redevelopment project is held by any public body or governmental agency, other than the municipality, which is authorized by law to engage in the undertaking, carrying out or administration of development projects, including the federal government, the provisions of the agreements referred to in this section shall inure to the benefit of and may be enforced by such public body or governmental agency. As used in this subsection, the term "municipality" includes a metropolitan redevelopment agency vested with metropolitan redevelopment project powers pursuant to the provisions of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Code [3-60A-1 to 3-60A-13, 3-60A-14 to 3-60A-48 NMSA 1978].   

B.     For the purpose of aiding in the planning, undertaking or carrying out of the metropolitan redevelopment project by a redevelopment agency hereunder, a municipality may, in addition to its other powers and upon such terms, with or without consideration, perform any or all of the actions or things which, by the provisions of Subsection A of this section, a public body is authorized to do or perform, including the furnishing of financial and other assistance.   

C.     For the purposes of this section, or for the purpose of aiding in the planning, undertaking or carrying out of a metropolitan redevelopment project of a municipality, the municipality may, in addition to any authority to issue bonds pursuant to the Redevelopment Bonding Law [3-60A-26 to 3-60A-46 NMSA 1978], issue and sell its general obligation or revenue bonds authorized in the Municipal Code [Chapter 3 NMSA 1978]. Any bonds issued by a municipality pursuant to this section shall be issued in the manner and within the limitations prescribed by the laws of this state for the issuance and authorization of bonds by such municipality for public purposes generally.