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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > New-mexico > Chapter-3 > Article-60a > Section-3-60a-47

3-60A-47. Sufficiency of code.

A.     The Metropolitan Redevelopment Code [3-60A-1 to 3-60A-13, 3-60A-14 to 3-60A-48 NMSA 1978], without reference to other statutes of the state, constitutes full authority for the exercise of powers granted herein, including but not limited to the authorization and issuance of bonds under that code.   

B.     No other act or law with regard to the authorization of issuance of bonds that provides for an election requiring an approval or in any way impeding or restricting the carrying out of the acts authorized in the Metropolitan Redevelopment Code to be done shall be construed as applying to any proceedings taken under or acts done pursuant to that code, except for laws to which reference is expressly made in that code or by necessary implication of that code.   

C.     The provisions of no other law, either general or local, except as provided in the Metropolitan Redevelopment Code, shall apply to the things authorized to be done pursuant to that code, and no board, agency, bureau, commission or official not designated herein has any authority or jurisdiction over any of the acts authorized in that code to be done, except as otherwise provided by that code.   

D.     No notice, consent or approval by any public body or officer thereof shall be required as a prerequisite to the sale or issuance of any bonds, the making of any contract or financing agreement or the exercise of any other power under the Metropolitan Redevelopment Code, except as provided herein.   

E.     The powers conferred by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Code shall be in addition and supplemental to, and not in substitution for, and the limitations imposed by that code shall not affect the powers conferred by any other law.   

F.     No part of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Code shall repeal or affect any other law or part thereof except to the extent that the provisions of that code are inconsistent with any other law, it being intended that the Metropolitan Redevelopment Code shall provide a separate method of accomplishing its objectives and not an exclusive one; and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Code shall not be construed as repealing, amending or changing any other law except to the extent of such inconsistency.