State Codes and Statutes

State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > New-mexico > Chapter-3 > Article-60a > Section-3-60a-8

3-60A-8. Designation of a metropolitan redevelopment area.

A.     A municipality shall not prepare a metropolitan redevelopment plan for an area unless the governing body has by resolution determined the area to be a slum area or a blighted area, or a combination thereof, and designated the area as appropriate for a metropolitan redevelopment project, which resolution may be adopted only after the governing body shall have caused to be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the area of operation of the municipality a notice which shall contain a general description of the area and the date, time and place where the governing body shall hold a public hearing to consider the resolution and a notice that any interested party may appear and speak to the issue of the adoption of the resolution.   

B.     Such notice shall be published at least twice and the last publication shall be not less than twenty days before the hearing. The owner of any real property affected by the resolution shall have the right to file in the district court of the county within which the municipality is located, within twenty days after the adoption of the resolution, an action to set aside the determination made by the governing body of the municipality.   

C.     A municipality shall not acquire real property for a metropolitan redevelopment project unless the local governing body has approved a metropolitan redevelopment plan relating to the metropolitan redevelopment area in which the real property is located.