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§1‑239.1.  Records of cancellation, assignment, etc., of judgmentsrecorded by photographic process.

In all cases where thegoverning authority of any county has caused the instruments or documents filedfor record in the office of the clerk of the superior court of such county tobe recorded by any system involving the use of microfilm or by the use of anymicrophotographic system or by any system of photographic recording, it shallbe lawful for the clerk of the superior court to keep a record or docket bookfor the purpose of entering on same payment or payments, credit orsatisfaction, assignments or releases in whole or in part of any judgment whichhas heretofore been recorded by any photographic process above mentioned. Forthis purpose, the form of such docket or record book shall be substantially asfollows:

"______________ SuperiorCourt Cancellation, Assignment, Transfer or Release of Judgments, etc.

I (We) ______________do herebycertify that that certain judgment docketed in Judgment Docket________, atpage______, filed __________________ day of____, ____, Case No.______, wherein_____________ is (are) Plaintiff(s) and ____________ is (are) Defendant(s) hasbeen fully satisfied, released and discharged together with all costs, andinterest, ____________________________________________________________________


Signed in the presence of                                              ____________________________________

                                                                                              Assistant‑DeputyClerk of

                                                                                                theSuperior Court of


Any entries of payment,credits or satisfaction made on such record or docket book, in substantiallythe form above mentioned, shall be good and valid payments, credits orsatisfactions in all respects as if the same had been duly entered on theoriginal judgment docket before the recording of same by the photographicprocess or system above mentioned. The clerk of the superior court shall havethe authority to forward certificates to the clerk of the superior court ofeach county to whom a transcript of said judgment has been sent to the sameextent and for all the purposes provided in G.S. 1‑239, and all payments,credits or satisfactions entered in said docket book or record shall be validto the same extent as if the same had been entered in the regular judgmentdocket in accordance with the provisions of G.S. 1‑239. (1951,c. 774; 1999‑456, s. 59.)