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§1‑339.35.  Private sale; report of sale.

(a)        The person holdinga private sale shall, within five days after the date of the sale, file areport with the clerk of the superior court of the county where the proceedingfor the sale is pending.

(b)        The report shall besigned and shall show

(1)        The title of theaction or proceeding;

(2)        The authority underwhich the person making the sale acted;

(3)        A description ofreal property sold, by reference or otherwise, sufficient to identify it, and,if sold in parts, a description of each part so sold;

(4)        A description ofpersonal property sold, sufficient to indicate the nature and quantity of theproperty sold to each purchaser;

(5)        The name or names ofthe person or persons to whom the property was sold;

(6)        The price at whichthe property, or each part thereof, was sold, and the terms of the sale; and

(7)        The date of thereport. (1947, c. 719, s. 1.)