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State Codes and Statutes

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§1‑440.20.  Levy on goods in warehouses.

(a)        The sheriff maylevy on goods delivered to a warehouseman for storage, by delivering copies ofthe garnishment process to the warehouseman, or to the proper officer or agentfor the corporate warehouseman, as set out in G.S. 1‑440.26,

(1)        If a negotiablewarehouse receipt has not been issued with respect thereto, or

(2)        If a negotiablewarehouse receipt has been issued with respect thereto, and

a.         Such receipt isseized, or

b.         Such receipt issurrendered to the warehouseman who issued it, or

c.         The transfer of suchreceipt by the holder thereof is restrained or enjoined.

(b)        A restraining orderor injunction against the transfer of a negotiable warehouse receipt, whenproper in an attachment proceeding, may be granted by the clerk or judgepursuant to a motion  in the cause to which the attachment is ancillary. (1947,c. 693, s. 1.)